Why Is It Important to Report on Queries and Results?

Why Is It Important to Report on Queries and Results?

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Why Is It Important to Report on Queries and Results?

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! It is standard operating procedure in most venues for staff who have face to face contact with customers/guests to provide feedback to management about their experiences involving visitors/tourists especially as they relate to the questions they ask and the result of information provided to them.

Any question asked by a visitor can be regarded as a “query”. Even a basic type of question (such as when the dining area is open) is a relevant query as it indicates a need for the venue to be able to supply this type of information.

Meanwhile, “results” refer to the effectiveness of the response given by staff to visitors who asked questions.

It is important for every tourist venue/destination to be actively involved in monitoring the queries of visitors, and the information provided to visitors by venue staff, because:

  1. This is an effective and inexpensive way of identifying what is important and of interest to our visitors. It is cheap market research
  2. It demonstrates customer focus. The venue can use the research to better create experiences more appropriately suited to the identified customer needs, wants and preferences
  3. Regular meetings of this nature amongst staff and with management help staff maintain a focus on customers and their needs as opposed to creating a focus on themselves and the venue. The focus must...
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