Why Do We Need to Be Cooperative?

Why Do We Need to Be Cooperative?

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Why Do We Need to Be Cooperative?

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! At all times, when responding to conflicts and customer complaints you must maintain a positive and cooperative manner with other parties. This is quite easy to say, but often proves much more difficult to actually do.

Why we need to maintain a positive and cooperative manner?

There are plenty of reasons as an answer to that question:

  • Firstly, we could smooth over a potentially problematic situation. Many complaints can be quickly and effectively handled by staff adopting the ‘right attitude’ to the complaint. Lots of customers simply want to air their grievance. They don’t expect anything to happen or they don’t want to be given a free meal. They just want to be heard to get it off their chest.
  • Second, we are able to demonstrate our willingness to resolve the issue as opposed to ignoring it or dismissing it out of hand. This respects the customer as an individual and sends a definite signal that the individual is of value to the business. Not only that, being cooperative lets you to create an initial friendly atmosphere. An approach that indicates a willingness to listen to, and work with, the customer will always set the foundation for a faster and more acceptable resolution. It is much more difficult for the customer to maintain their rage when the staff are displaying a friendly, helpful and courteous orientation...
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