Why You Need to Refer Problems to the Supervisor

Why You Need to Refer Problems to the Supervisor

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Why You Need to Refer Problems to the Supervisor

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! There may be a need in your workplace to refer any issues relating to cross-cultural issues to management. This can be to help them ensure they discharge their responsibilities in relation to Equal Opportunity legislation.

In other situations there may only be a need to refer unresolved issues to management, so that they can assist in finding an acceptable and effective solution that accommodates, to the best extent possible, everyone’s culturally based needs.

Note that management are often faced with a difficult situation in relation to this as they are often required to accommodate the needs, wants and preferences of a customer or staff member from another culture while still at the same time respecting the needs, wants and preferences of local employees.

It is always important to know when and where to draw the line in relation to any cross-cultural misunderstanding.

In this context there are two things to consider:

Notify the appropriate person when you don’t seem to be making any headway in reaching a resolution

This commonly occurs where no positive progress seems to be occurring and things are just getting worse. This general involves situations where emotions are becoming more obvious. This might include crying, threats, swearing, aggressive behavior, excessive gestures. Those involved appear to be adopting...

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