Writing Bad News Letters

Writing Bad News Letters

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Writing Bad News Letters

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! Aside of Writing Good News Letters, there is an occasion which insists you to send an inconvenient newsletter to your business allies or customers. Through this article you are going to learn what constitutes and how to write bad news letters.

Bad News Letters

The bad news letter can be planned in three steps.

  1. Opening Paragraph - Allude to the situation with a neutral comment
  2. Middle Paragraphs
    • Give details and reasons.
    • State the bad news.
    • Provide workable alternatives.
  3. Ending Paragraph - Close with a neutral or positive statement.
  1. We start with a statement of fact which is a neutral statement concerning the situation:
  • The heating unit that you returned has been checked by our laboratory;
  • The cost of the repairs to your roof which we originally estimated at $8000 can now be compared with the actual costs of the materials.
  1. We must provide details and reasons before we fully reveal the bad news. We must explain some of the factors that have influenced our decision.
  • In the process of installation your heater has received some damage which has stopped the flow of water into the unit....
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