Writing Good News Letters

Writing Good News Letters

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Writing Good News Letters

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! Good news letter has some things to consider in its composition. In this article you are going to learn how to write good news letters including the useful strategies.

Good news letters have three parts of their compositions in general. Namely, they are opening, middle, and ending paragraph.

  1. Opening Paragraph - Write the good news
  2. Middle Paragraphs - Provide relevant detail
  3. Ending Paragraph - Repeat the good news

The opening paragraph can begin with the good news and remove any uncertainty the reader may have about our response to their situation:

  • Although the warranty on your heater ended six months ago, we have decided to replace it without further charge;
  • We overestimated the costs of repairs to your roof. The account will be $700.00 less than we anticipated.

The middle paragraphs of our correspondence provide the reader with detailed explanation of what has taken place.

The final paragraph in the letter can again refer to the good news. Please telephone our office to make a suitable time for our plumber to fit your new heater. Our cheque for seven hundred dollars is enclosed.

This pattern of writing a good newsletter is well balanced and leaves our...

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